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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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another tough sunday for the redskins, against the rams. we're finally getting some rain. will it be enough? good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. thanks for joining us at 5:00 on this early monday morning. i am alison starling. let's give started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. expect problems? we have lisa baden and adam caskey. >> we have been waiting for this rain and it is materializing. some areas of rain across the region is specially farther west of the metro area. look at showers stretching from pennsylvania all the way to the deep south. the moisture is streaming to the north.
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we will see intermittent showers through of the day. showers in montgomery county, frederick county,270 corridor, 81 corridor cure that's where we have persistent light rain. in the yellow areas is where there are moderate to heavy sellers at this time. there's rain off and on today. high temperatures in the '70s. maybe a upper 60's in some spots. a severe thunderstorm cannot be ruled vowel especially along and he 795 corridor this evening. at least 2.5 inches expected altogether. >> water it has collected on the ramp heading west on to 50. there is deep water. a firefighter just called to say that the water is very deep and it is dangerous. be careful. the beltway in maryland, there's a wreck. it is out of range of the
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cameras. deadlighits aug outer loop all y to rockville pike. -- oit is on the outer loop before you get to rockville pike. officers found a man in a vehicle suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, rockville pike area. in silver spring there is a hunt for a hit and run driver. a car hit a young woman saturday night along the 8700 block of carrol. the driver did not stop, but left behind a crucial clue. courtney robinson has more. from more >> good morning. woman is only 24 years old. is in serious condition in the house bill right now. the police are looking for this
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person. they have a piece of the vehicle that could be valuable. officers say the driver hit the woman with so much force that it through her 30 feet down caroline arroll ave. the driver never stopped after she was thrown under a parked truck. >> she was thrown. >> it happened directly across from a school at around 8:00 tonight. cars often go fast and police don't do enough to monitor it, neighbors. >> some cars go fast and some don't stop. >> officers do have one of the side view mirrors from the vehicle that they are looking into. if you have any information about this, call police.
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it is 5:03. a developing story from maryland, a woman accused of killing us to a b.j.'s social worker has been found dead at a state hospital. the 45-year-old susan was strangled at the clifton perkins state hospital in jessup. 46-year-old saladin taylor has been charged. tires were slashed on 30 vehicles in sussex, maryland and police are trying to find who's responsible. the crimes took place late saturday night and early yesterday near the golden mile neighbourhood. people living in an area noticed a pattern to the vandalism. almost every vandalized vehicle is a work van or truck. >> seems like they targeted
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hard-working men with families, almost like someone got fired and is mad that somebody is working. >> some tires were slashed in a different part of frederick county as well earlier in the week. they're trying to find those crimes are linked to the ones that took place this weekend. now we looking at the day ahead. washington is preparing for the release of a book on afghan war by journalist bob woodward, the goes on sale tomorrow. he reports that president obama aides were deeply divided over the war if and he writes that members of the president's national security team have doubts that sending more troops would actually work. it is all about the economy these days. democrats are gearing up for the november midterm, trying to keep control of congress. some big names are making the rounds these days. emily smith has details. >> at the end of september, politics feels like nov. >> we ought to be there for him on election day.
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>> heavy hitters are campaigning in races that would have been a center in the past. barney frank has been in congress 30 years. this year republicans are threatening to take back control. >> people have a right to be disappointed, but they still have to make a choice. an election is not a referendum on anger, it is a choice between two candidates. >> bill clinton stumped in two states. this week president its four states he won in the past. >> there's no such thing as a slave state for democrats this year. >> both parties are faced on the economy and who voters trust to fix it. >> they have to change congress and that will happen in november. >> this is a prescription for surrender. we cannot do that. >> when president obama appears in wisconsin, if russ feingold will not be there. he's going to appear with the more popular michelle obama next month.
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emily smith, abc news. turning to sports, redskins fans, what a way to start the week. the skins are one and two. after that lustily rams on sunday, the picture seems a lot worse -- after the loss to the rams. steven jackson ran. we will have much more on this pretty ugly affair in a live report a little later in the allen. i -- the hour. still ahead, a first casino in maryland is opening its doors early. michelle rhee is back in the national spotlight. and
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with our appliance trade-in program. sears. 5:10 monday morning, welcome back. drought relief is what we have
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been looking for and hoping for. it is materializing. widespread areas of rain. showers in the interstate 81 corridor, smiled. moderate rain in parts of anne arundel county. this is pushing from the south to the north. showers off and on throughout the day. high temperatures will be in the mid 70's for most of us. low 70's al west. maybe upper 50's in parts of west virginia and western maryland. thunderstorms are possible along and east of 95. we are looking at a chance of severe and the storms later today. light rain early tomorrow, then clearing, a temperatures near 80 tomorrow. plenty busy this morning. we will blame the rain for that. i'm going to jump to a couple of maps. let's begin in maryland, because a lot of people are complaining
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on southbound 3 to 50 west with the water. and there's a crash after connecticut avenue but before rockville pike, a traffic getting guide to the right. in virginia there's traffic growing. 95 and 66. this is springfield on 95. 62 degrees. feeling lucky? we will tell you where you can go as soon as today to hit the slot machines. >> will you remain chancellor of d.c. schools? >> what michelle rhee says about her future with d.c. schools. and atlanta bishop says he will go down fightin
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investigators are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting in landover that happened around midnight in the 3400 block of --. they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are searching for the driver of a car that hit and critically injured a woman in silver spring. it happened on tallon avenue saturday night. the woman flew into the air before landing under a truck 30 feet from where she was struck. -- it happened on carroll avenue. gave georgia mega church pastor got a big welcome when he went to the poll did this weekend. bishop eddie long has been accused of sexual misconduct. he has actively campaigned
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against gay-rights. michelle reappeared yesterday on nbc where sh. >> we did not fire the teachers to be mean. we wanted to remove ineffective teachers from the classroom because we think our children deserve better. >> she says reforms can continue with or without their as long as leaders of the ultimate tough choices. -- are willing to make tough choices. republican bob ehrlich will have to get at least 30% of the vote to defeat martin o'malley in november. he 37% of the vote in 2006. on interstate 95 in perryville the first casino in
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maryland will open four days ahead of schedule. 1500 slot machines and will create 250 jobs. gov. martin o'malley is expected to be there for the opening. a christian activist from northern virginia is working to heal the rift with muslims caused by the florida pastor terry jones. he sparked outrage after he threatened to burn the koran on september 11. reverend named patrick mahoney of fredericksburg has retrieved the book and plans to distribute them to christian churches as a tool for interfaith dialogue. >> from this negative scenario, i believe something positive will happen. >> we disagree with people on all kinds of things, but we can show them love and respect and dignity. it's one of those books yesterday was given to a fredericksburg church. now to this morning's technology news.
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skipping the theater. also, sony posted latest upgrade is music to apple's years. >-- ears. >> ping lets you political when you like another user's selections. and it's able to be sent with itunes libraries. it seems people in china cannot get enough of the iphone 4. 200,000 have been reordered. that's outpacing supply. an apple spokesperson says that more of them will be available soon. would you like to watch movies at tallmahome just after they le theaters. disney and other companies are planning to release the movies more quickly, $30 per movie.
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i am vinita nair. it is: did. we are getting a lot of rain -- it is cool outside. >> some areas will pick up more than 3 inches by the time this is over tomorrow morning. another line of showers later in the week possible. we do need some drought relief and this is that kind of system. >> that's good. >> it feels like monday morning. let's look at live triple doppler. areas of rain scattered all over. there's light green which is the light rain. it is persistent. yellow in northern prince george's county, and stretching into baltimore, columbia, maryland as well. that's moderate rain. bowie has picked up over an inch of rain in the imbeded down for
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so far. showers will be off and on all day today. allouez we have a steady rain, light rain, up and down the 81 corridor and 68, 270, and all the way from friedrichs down to the beltway. -- frederick. anticipate rain when you're driving this morning. there's a lot of moisture down to our south. it's all moving north. we expect thunderstorms later on today. there's a low pressure system pushing in our direction especially along and he 295, a stormy. it is in the upper 50s in martinsburg. today, mid 70's expected. chance of severe storms later today. off and on showers tonight, more
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rain. thunder tomorrow morning. late day sunshine tomorrow. wednesday looks like a nice day. near 80 tomorrow, '70s the rest of the week. it will feel like fall on the weekend in the '60s perhaps. it has been busy. deep water collecting on the ramp out of crofton to go from route 3 south on 215 west. is a wreck on 50 west between route 3 and 197. -- on 97. there is a vehicle that spun out on the inner loop after the exit for 470 north, but before georgetown road. in virginia, the rain. no accidents according to vdot. back to you. >> thank you.
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63 degrees. coming up, another tough monday for redskins fans. how they got scorched rams. later today on "the oprah show", celebrities are taking on their dream jobs, today at 4:00 on abc 7. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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it's a hard lesson, no certainties in football. we are here on this monday morning. the redskins could not make the plays when they had to. the redskins suffered a big upset, 30-15, rams. >> the quarterback showed a lot of poise in making the plays, acquitted them for keeping the ball away from us as much as they did. the quarterback made some big plays. >> the skins fall through one and two and they face the eagles in philadelphia next week. that is not a good. michael vick has been sensational with the eagles.
5:26 am
they defeated jacksonville. the philadelphia phillies are trying to keep their lead. the nationals took two of three on the weekend including a victory on sunday. ted leonsis wants you to forget about last season's disaster of a franchise. it is a new year with a new star and the no. 1 draft pick john wall. there's a midnight to off practice at george mason, doors open to the public at 11:00 p.m. 62 degrees on this monday. the news continues at 5:30. still ahead, the commonwealth takes a top spot on a new list ranking gun crimes. president obama it's the campaign trail this week hoping to the right notes with voters.
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i'm emily schmitt in washington. that story's coming up. meteorologist adam caskey and belfort furniture weather center in. this is what we have been center in. this is what we have been looking for two.
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thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this half- hour, a wet start to the workweek. it before slow ride and the chance of thunderstorms a little later. good morning, washington. we are glad you are joining us on this monday, september 27. i am alison starling. we are watching storms this morning. traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is tracking a much- needed rain. it still causes issues for the
5:30 am
rush hour drive. >> you always have issues with precipitation. i think it's worth it because we are in a very bad frought. it's going to be slow-- bad drought. there are steady showers up and down in interstate 81. luckily we are attaching a little break. in fredericksburg and in charles county there's another batch of rain. this is what it will look like all day, off and on rain with imbedded downpours. it is 65 bad reagan national, mid 70's for most of us. a few late-day storms possible. clearing by tomorrow afternoon. some of us will pick up over 3 inches of rain by the time this is done. >> we need that.
5:31 am
be careful. we've had our share of issues this morning. on 95, noble travel times between richmond and baltimore. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news from landover, investigators searching for suspects in a deadly shooting. it happened before midnight in a 3400 block of dodge park road. when officers arrived, they found a man in the vehicle suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. our other top story, a woman fighting for life. police are looking for the driver who ran her down saturday night along the 80's 700 block of carroll avenue. courtney robinson is live in silver spring with the latest details. >> good morning. along carroll avenue where this happened, duke lacrosse is a neighbor we spoke with. the neighbors say a number of
5:32 am
children, but the plate in this parking lot and cars drive through quickly. saturday night at 8:00 they say the woman flew through the air landing 30 feet away from the point of impact. they tell us that to the driver kept going, did not stop. the 24-year-old woman is in the hospital in serious condition. the officers are looking for the person responsible for all of this. they do have a piece of that person's vehicle. the right side view mirror. officers also tell us that as seriously as the woman was injured, it would be impossible for the driver to know -- for the driver not to know that they hit something and caused serious damage. the vehicle would be damaged quite extensively on the front. call police if you have any information. a developing story from
5:33 am
maryland. the woman accused of killing a ceviches social worker has been found dead at a state hospital. 45-year-old susan sachs was strangled by another patient at carl t. perkins in jessup. she was sent there for stabbing a woman in 2004. 46-year-old saladin taylor was charged. he was sent there after a murder in baltimore. guns, 43,000 guns used in crimes in 2009 were sold in other states. nearly half of those guns were sold in virginia and nine other states. they say it's because those states have more relaxed gun laws. police are trying to find out who/ tyres of more than 30 vehicles in frederick, md., night and early yesterday morning in the golden
5:34 am
neighbourhood. edel moalmost every vandalized e is a van or truck, worked ve vehicles. >> its leatherw is like they art with working people. >> police are trying to find out if this is linked to the ones that took place earlier last week. israeli settlers say they will slowly begin building new homes in the west bank. palestinians have threatened a walkout of peace negotiations if the building resumes. efforts to work out a compromise this past weekend failed. democrat san republicans are gearing up for the midterms. the focus will be on the economy. both sides if try to get voters to the polls.
5:35 am
-- democrats and republicans are gearing up for the midterms. happy monday. senators will be wrapping up their work in washington this week, hitting home to focus on the critical midterms. we have five weeks ago. tactics are turning personal. former president bill clinton stumped for congressman barney frank. this year democrats are not taking anything for granted. abc news political director amuy y walters says there is no safe state this year for democrats. president obama is stumping in states where he won. when he campaigns in wisconsin, gold, the wisconsin senator
5:36 am
running for reelection, will not be there. if senator feingold has opted to appear with michelle obama at a fund-raiser next month instead. back to you. >> thank you. 5:36 on this monday morning, 63 degrees. still ahead, the redskins get defeated in st. louis. highlights and reaction from an almost embarrassing loss. still no relief for flooded parts of the midwest. another check on a rainy
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>> and executive director of sitar arts center in adams morgan will we provide arts education to young people in d.c. regardless of their family's ability to pay. find out more at our website. heavy rains and a levee failure caused flooding along the wisconsin river. people have been urged to leave their houses as a precaution. in south dakota people hope that sandbags will hold back the rising flood waters. there river is expected to crest later this morning. it's 5:39. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the latest on
5:40 am
the forecast. we need the rain. it's good timing. >> it is great timing. it's fantastic. this is what we have been waiting for. it's going to be one of those days where you will have to put on the windshield wipers. there will be road spray and rain coming down.; in roslyn we have light showers. barely a sprinkle. interstate 81 corridor, light rain. that is where we needed the most. a little break in fairfax county and southern prince george's county. there's no raisevere thunderstoe possible this afternoon along antes of 95 specially with high temperatures in the mid 70's for most of us. we are in the mid 60's for now. up to 3.5 inches expected in spots as far as accumulations.
5:41 am
. sugar does melt in the rain. get back inside. metrorail on normal service. not bad on the green way or the toll road or 66 or 270. southbound route 3, there is deep water. and between 301 and 97 deseret. -- there is a car wreck. how the pop star katy perry responded to being snubbed by sesame street. the burgundy and gold takes to the field. did they put enough points on the board? we will have reaction to the redskins game, coming up. a dramatic video from inside an airplane preparing for c
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welcome back. investigators are searching for suspects in the deadly shooting in landover. police found a gunshot victim just before midnight in the 3400 block of dodge park road. the man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. a driver critically injured and a woman in silver spring. the accident happened saturday night. witnesses say the woman was thrown into the air before landing under a truck 30 feet from where she was struck. stay down, stay down, stay down! >> a passenger captured this video of scary moments on board a delta airlines flight from white plains new york atlanta. it made an emergency landing at kennedy international airport in new york after the landing gear got stuck. the plane did land safely however. \
5:46 am
still no reason to celebrate in redskins nation today. the burgundy and gold got defeated 16-3 in the second half, dropping what should have been an easy win for them. brianne carter is live in arlington with what went wrong. good morning. >> good morning. the answer is they did not put enough points on the board in this game. has been a rough start for redskins fans this year. coming out strong with a victory over dallas in the first game, now they have lost the last two games. this game was expected to be an easy win. they came out with a 30-16 victory over the burgundy and gold. the rams scored 13 points against the redskins in the first quarter. they were in the reds on a number of times, but the redskins could not make it happen. settling for a field-goal. >> this is disturbing for us on
5:47 am
the offensive side because we are much better than what we showed. >> day. just like we did. we let them off looked. -- the hook. >> the redskins will go against another one of their major rivals on sunday. we will see how donovan mcnabb will play against the philadelphia eagles. >> thank you. u.s. education secretary arne duncan has words of praise for outgoing d.c. mayor adrian fenty. he appeared on meet the press yesterday and he said he supports what adrian fenty and what michelle rhee have done to move forward to the d.c. public schools. >> i'm a big fan of what he and michelle rhee have done. public schools are dramatically better today than what they wear. i investe-- they were.
5:48 am
adrian fenty will be able to hold his head high. >> when asked why he did not campaign for adrian fenty, the city cannot participate in every local primary. >> steny hoyer thanks, a central host stephen colbert to embarrass himself during his appearance before congress on friday. if he was invited to testify before was the judiciary subcommittee on undocumented farm worker spens. he spent a day working in the field. >> ike leggett warned of more possible budget cuts to prepare for a 10-15 reduction in their budgets -- 10%-15% reductions. a $200 million shortfall expected.
5:49 am
rainy monday morning, 64 degrees. saturday was like the millage summer. then sunday was like a new season overnight. and it will feel like fall next weekend. there's a 100% chance of rain today. >> we need it. >> 100%. it's great. live super doppler radar. we have a lot of road spray and wet roads. rainshowers not everywhere. most of the beltway escaping the showers at this time, but we will have more. getting a little break here and there. most of the downpours are on the eastern shore and over baltimore. glen burnie north into baltimore's when we have yellow -- will we have yellow, that is
5:50 am
moderate rain. if we have an inch in bowie. by tomorrow morning and there will be 3.5 inches in all. persistent rain up and down the 81 corridor an end to the west. this is where we have a good steady soaking falling right now. there will be better downpours, especially along antes of 15 later on today and especially to the east of 95. we could have severe and storms this afternoon and thunderstorms into tomorrow morning. there are gaps in the rain. that is anticipated. some of those will be filling in throughout the morning and midday. if we get the moisture down to the south. there's more even farther down which will continue streaming north through the day and night and really small morning. the frontal boundary will move a little farther to the west. that will bulbar temperatures and humidity of. mid 70's for most of us.
5:51 am
cooler and a west where they will get hit by the one side of that system. 81 west, at temperatures will be close to 70 or maybe low 60's. you will fuel thsteel the humid. it is 64 in bowie. sebelius thunderstorms possible long and east of 15 today. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine after early morning rain showers, near 80. in the 60's next weekend for the high temperatures. another chance of showers on thursday. you are going to find with the rain different settings on your windshield wipers this morning. everybody's going to find slow traffic. 66, 95, 395. 270 in clarksburg, southbound in the camera, plenty of headlights. it's going to take you long
5:52 am
there. leaving clarksburg, now to falls church, no problems on 66. back to you. >> thank you. katy perry last week made headlines on sesame street, but it ended up on the cutting room floor. she responded in a sketch on saturday night live this weekend. the children's show dropped her duet after parents complained about her inappropriate clothing. some say she gave new meaning to inappropriate and she started a sketch that had her barely dressed in an elmo t-shirt. we can only imagine what it looks like. >> may be still not topping lady gaga. >> also, several people showed up to bid on items owned by octomom, nadya suleman. she gained international
5:53 am
attention after having the octuplets. she's trying to raise money with the arts sale. the mother of eight sold children's clothes, toys, and even sa bikini-siebel hannukah but -- a bikini that she wore on the cover of a tabloid magazine. >> i wonder if they are paying extra because she's famous? >> that's a lot of baby clothes to sort through. >folding those is not always easy. november. >> all right, that's exciting. >> it is. >> all right, that's exciting. >> it is. >> 64 degrees,
5:54 am
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again
5:55 am
tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
5:56 am
>> working in the art business is tough for many people during the economic downturn, but one maryland couple is thriving. they have a studio and they focus on glass art, producing stemware and vases. they have adapted to market conditions and they say glass art is timeless. >> the material has been produced 4000 years with a mass of glass on the end of an iron.
5:57 am
it can be shaped and formed into the desired result. >> he has been producing glass art almost 40 years. the couple's studio is in its 10th year of operation. 5:57 on this monday. there's a lot more to come in the next hour. how much can a person spends to save a life? there's a new drug involved. in silver spring investigators need your help finding the person responsible for a hit and run accident peasant woman in the hospital. > and lisa baden will help you navigate your monday morning commute, and will c
5:58 am
5:59 am
straight ahead this half hour, the hunt for an hit-and- run driver in silver spring. we will have a live report. the handoff. >> we will have highlights from another town of sunday for the redskins, against the rams. first, finally getting much- needed rain. will this be enough? good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good


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